5 Most Profitable Study Fields in Germany

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Germany has a lot of things to offer not only in terms of economy but also In its education system. 

Before getting into the specific fields you can learn in Germany, it is only fair that we first look at how education is offered in Germany.

Education is classified into three major categories. Primary schools running from elementary to grade four, secondary schools which are further classified into lower secondary and upper secondary.

The third and final category is where, I presume you are at now, which is the tertiary education offered by universities and colleges. Tertiary education is the career-shaper. 

How education is offered in Germany has significantly changed as an impact of covid-19 and students can learn from home with a few requirements such as a computer and an internet connection. 

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If you are an international student faced with the decision of choosing a field to study in Germany, this is the right article for you.

I shall give insights on six of the best and most profitable fields to learn in Germany.

  1. Medicine 

It is without a doubt that Germany has invested a lot in terms of the medical health care system. 

It has placed mandatory health insurance for every person living in and even moving to Germany on a temporary visa. 

There are also strict eligibility requirements to study medicine in order to ensure certified doctors are well competent in their field of practice. 

Under the Field of medicine, one can be a physician, a medical practitioner or a medical doctor.

The average salary per month of a medical practitioner will range from about 4,000 euros to 11,000 euros in a month. 

  1. Computer science 

This is one of those career fields I encourage people to consider seriously because not only is it flourishing now but we expect it to advance even further in future.

Computer science covers game developers, software developers, web developers and tech- related engineering.

The average salary of a computer engineer in Germany is about 3000 euros to €6000 per month.

This is an average estimation from those who are working full time jobs. 

Some top rated freelancers are known to earn over 8,000 euros per month. This tells you how much you can get from acquiring these special sets of skills.

  1. Law

A venture into the legal world of Germany is also one of the most profitable fields in the country. 

Studying law in Germany calls for a 6-year long curriculum and two very serious state examinations.

Undergraduate studies will take 4 years and thereafter you will be eligible to sit for your first state examinations. It will then take another two years of internship followed by the second and final state examination. 

The six-year curriculum will definitely pay off our debt is estimated at an average legal practitioner in Germany and about 4000 to 12000 euros a month.

What determines the amount of money you earn is the years of experience and the field of practice.

  1. Industrial Engineering 

One of the reasons why Germany’s economy is doing so well is because of its investment in the manufacturing of high-quality goods aimed at the export market.

In Germany, the Field of industrial engineering covers a lot. There is mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, chemical, and Aerospace engineering. 

It is without a doubt that engineers here are well compensated. The average earnings of an engineer in Germany is about 3,000 euros to 8000 a month. 

The salary will fluctuate depending on the level of education and experience in your field.

  1. Financial Management

It shall not go without noting that a career in financial management ranks as one of the most profitable fields to learn in Germany. 

Financial Management covers fund managers and corporate finance management. 

Germany goes big when it comes to management of its companies. 

Expertise knowledge held by fund managers and corporate finance managers are one expensively held and in demand. 

The average monthly salary of a fund manager in Germany is about 4,500 euros to 6500 euros.

On the other hand the monthly salary of a corporate finance manager is about 4,000 euros to 6000 euros.

Natasha M. McKnight

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