The latest research in Vedic Mathematics suggests that there are sixteen Sutras which have been expanded upon by an additional thirteen sub-Sutras or corollaries. A brief discussion on each of these is in order. The 16 Vedic Math Sutras 1. “Ekadhikena Purvena” (By one more than the previous one) The […]

As we step into mid-July, the cultural scene is abuzz with a plethora of events and activities that promise to captivate audiences. From art exhibitions to musical performances, here’s a comprehensive look at Scene Happenings: July 13 and beyond. Art Exhibitions “Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Form” At the prestigious Gallery […]

A complete and holistic health assessment includes the: health history physical, psychological, social and spiritual assessment consideration of laboratory and diagnostic test results review of other available health information. First impressions Assessment begins as soon as you meet your patient. Perhaps without even being aware of it, you’re already noting […]