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HAWLEY, Minn. — In the midst of the tragedy of the invasion of Ukraine, the city of Hawley is wrapping alone around the 16-year-old Ukrainian trade pupil Danya Zubarieva.

Zubarieva has found comfort and ease in a little something pretty various than war: her artwork.

“The shades are blue and yellow. Blue is for the sky and yellow is for the wheat, since Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe,” Danya stated.

Zubarieva is not just from Ukraine, but the town of Mariupol. For the past week, the Russian military services has leveled her hometown.

“I feel anger is a single of the points that goes with soreness, but then you just get way too drained of it and you commence focusing on things other than that like, ‘Is my spouse and children ok?’ It is really definitely tricky to recognize that this is my metropolis,” Zubarieva explained.

Zubarieva has spoken to her family members. Her mom was forced to discover refuge in nearby Russia after the Russian armed forces took about the loved ones community. Her father, a ship helmsman, is out to sea. But pictures of folks starving and common neighborhoods destroyed has been heartbreaking for her.

“It’s definitely difficult due to the fact that was form of the heart of the metropolis, and there was a enormous theater creating that obtained bombed just the other working day,” Zubarieva claimed. “There have been loads of young children sheltering in there, and they wrote ‘kids’ with substantial letters on the floor so individuals from the sky could see it, but they nevertheless ruined it.”

Meantime, she has elevated $10,000 in the latest times by selling T-shirts, her personal artwork and a lot more. College students rallied about her at a unique Ukraine Working day. And this teen appreciates the area she and her spouse and children identified as house all these a long time is not there anymore.

“It is really really weird to comprehend that we are never heading to be dwelling all over again,” Zubarieva stated. “Technically, everyone is homeless now. All 40 million that are living there don’t have a dwelling any longer.”

To see some of the artwork Danya Zubarieva is selling as a way to assist her region, go to




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