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Finding a reliable source of educational website platforms may be a tricky task for parents or teachers. In addition, these websites have an immense amount of activities and lessons that keep students’ brains stimulated while teaching them helpful information and skills. Accordingly, Lumina Blogs is a blogging website that posts blogs focused on company profiles for various segments or industries, such as the best online learning platforms like  CloudLearn, which provides excellent learning resources for high school students and university students.

What Are Educational Websites?

Educational website platforms are websites with learning resources through videos, games, or topic related lessons. Educational websites act as tools to help students enhance their learning skills and allow teachers to incorporate those values and teachings into the classroom. In addition, these websites strive to make virtual learning an entertaining and enticing process for students, especially with the world we live in today. Furthermore, with educational websites, students need to be guided appropriately to avoid wandering to other website resources unrelated to their intended learning topic, making them fall off track with the direction of the class taught by the teacher/lecturer. Moreover, many websites offer various learning resources and games for students to gain from. However, teachers need to constantly check on students to ensure that they are learning at the correct pace and not learning about topics below or above their level.

Importance of Educational Websites

Educational websites provide valid and factual information, so you don’t have to worry about teaching your students invalidly researched information. However, students need to develop critical thinking skills and interact with learning resources on educational websites. In addition, information technology is at its peak, with most learning institutions investing in the latest technology as a learning resource. Moreover, the easy interaction for students helps them finish tasks faster and host a self-learning process. 

Practical Educational Websites for Students

A list of educational websites was gathered through research to obtain reliable learning sources for students, which are listed below:

  1. Udemy – has an extensive library of topics for students to step into the development courses on their own
  2. Coursera – provides students with virtual classes with free classes and online degree programs
  3. Skillshare – focuses on creative education and offer a wide range of subjects from music production to graphic design 
  4. Learning Pool – renowned as an open-source learning platform for business, finance, retail, and other subject resources
  5. e-Learning WMB – combines virtual classes and videos to provide unique learning solutions

How to Introduce Educational Websites to Students

While planning learning activities, you can introduce educational websites to students but consider having the required technology in the classroom. Next, you as the teacher can incorporate creative ideas using these websites to supplement whichever topic points you have already run through with your students. In addition, you can take screenshots, documents, or instruction booklets to guide the students on how to use educational website platforms so that their learning experience is as fitting as possible so they can develop new learning methods. Furthermore, you can make a list of goals for each student to reach, including target points of their lessons while consistently monitoring their progress to ensure accuracy. This helps the students be accountable and work towards an end goal, motivating them to learn more. Finally, you should also have a rewards system in place.

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