Singapore Is the Smartest City in the World

Singapore tops smart city ranking for second year running - Smart Cities  World

Singapore has come out on top in the race to be the most technologically advanced city globally. The country ranks first for its innovative city initiatives and its use of technology to improve the quality of life for residents. Singapore is a model for other cities to improve their infrastructure from intelligent traffic systems to ubiquitous Wi-Fi.

In recent years, the city has been lauded for its world-class infrastructure and outstanding performance in various innovation indexes. In addition, the city is an impressive display of forward-thinking initiatives on nearly every scale – from how garbage is sorted in the country’s landfills to free Wi-Fi services provided by the government. 

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Smart Nation

The Smart Nation initiative was first announced in 2014 to connect all Singaporeans through technology and data – from traffic lights that can dispatch emergency vehicles quicker to apps showing bus stop schedules. 

In 2017, residents worked with government agencies from around the world for a chance to win a trip to Singapore as part of its Smart Nation Outreach Programme that aims to build relationships with cities abroad by showing off impressive local initiatives. The country also created a “digital twin” for its entire infrastructure, allowing planners to simulate different scenarios and improve roads, rail lines, and power grids. 

The internet plans deployed in the city are commendable, offering accessibility on the go to tourists; the credit goes to the government making data available and open-ended for the public. 

Waste Management

Singapore is the country in the world that’s figured out waste management.

Many countries cannot afford the luxury of a proper waste management system; one of the primary reasons is often lack of space, leading to trash piling up and incinerating in landfills. However, in 2010, when faced with the challenge of finding new renewable energy sources, Singaporeans found an alternative.

The entire country now harnesses the energy potential of its garbage by recycling it for electricity (and even using processed waste as fertilizer). The process is now one of Singapore’s primary sources of renewable energy, supplying 1/3rd of homes with power.

Government-Friendly Initiatives

The government’s initiative for making data openly available did wonders for the city and its stakeholders. Data sharing became crucial in planning day-to-day activities by citizens and tourists alike. Apps like Google Map, AirBnB, and TripAdvisor became second nature for mainstream use. Due to this helpful Planning tool that taps into geospatial datasets, you can input any location and determine which buses pass by and how long it takes to get there.

As the city-state continues to push its Smart Nation initiative, more resources are advancing technology to help improve living standards for Singaporeans. The country’s willingness to spend on R&D helps kick start innovation and encourage local companies to join in on the fun.

Since launching its Wireless@SG hotspots, Singapore has made constant internet access a fundamental right rather than a luxury. The government provides additional details on how busy each hotspot is to plan your outings accordingly.

Futuristic Outlook

  • StartUP Funding is a Thing

In 2016, Singapore raised over USD one billion from venture capitalists, with a majority going towards startups working in fintech and e-commerce. Even non-Singaporean companies have taken notice of this booming sector – Alibaba recently pledged $1 billion for startups in the area.

  • Become A Citizen

The country prides itself on its diversity and multiculturalism, making it easy to become a citizen. If you’re willing to spend $127,000 and commit to living in the country even as an English speaker, you can be Singaporean in as little as three months.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The city-state is one of the most forward-thinking nations in AI, known for being a global leader because of its heavy investment in R&D and support for entrepreneurs working with technology. The country is currently working with many tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and more to reach newer heights in innovation.

There You Are!

We hope you enjoyed reading and hope that more cities can jump on the innovation bandwagon. Happy reading!  

Natasha M. McKnight

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