6 Best Classroom Noise Meters for Teachers


One particular of the successful methods to observe and cut down noise degrees in classrooms is by building sound seen. Enabling students to visualize their noise raises consciousness to their seem ranges and makes them noise mindful. There are various sound meter resources and apps to use in your classroom to convey down college students sounds and consequently assist in building optimal understanding encounters. Underneath is a collection of some of the finest sounds meters for classroom use.  They are uncomplicated, uncomplicated to use, and price-powerful.

A caveat that was introduced to my notice by my visitors relating to the use of these sound meters in class is distraction (read through lecturers comments in this Fb post). For occasion, selected learners together with learners with exclusive wants discover the alarm seems and the bouncing balls distracting and outright irritating. 

So, as an alternative of boosting learners aim, which is the primary motive for working with them, these resources can have a counterproductive influence, doing just the reverse of what they are meant to do. Thus, discretion is mandated. If you see any variety of soreness from your pupils then no require to use them. You could go with uncomplicated classic (non-tech) approaches of noise monitoring.  

1. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls is a cost-free internet tool that aids you regulate your classroom sounds. Bouncy Balls has an built-in sound meter that instantly detects various sounds concentrations in bordering atmosphere and sends off alert signals. Bouncy Balls is completely cost-free, requires no registration or software package down load, and most importantly, is straightforward and easy to use. I have by now composed a overview of this software which you can examine in Bouncy Balls: A Very good Tool for Managing Classroom Sounds.

2. Classcraft Quantity Meter

Classcraft incorporates an integrated  sounds meter which will allow you to keep track of the sounds in your classroom. The way it performs is straightforward: decide a sounds baseline in your classroom by location the sound meter to a precise quantity. A horizontal bar displays the fluctuations of the sounds allowing for pupils to visualize their noise in actual time.

Classcraft Volume Meter

Classcraft Volume Meter is cost-free and can be utilized devoid of registration. It also includes a timer to support you time your classroom things to do. Top quality buyers have accessibility to far more attributes together with an sophisticated reward technique.

3. Classroom Sound ‘O’Meter

This is yet another good noise meter for classroom. It is generally a coding project created using the preferred coding platform Scratch. To commence using Noise’O’Meter you need to have to convert on your computer’s microphone. Noise’O’Meter takes the condition of a clock with a solitary hand that moves clockwise according to the noise degree. 

The instrument makes use of a colour depth system to tag sounds degrees starting up with lower amounts (green colour) all the way to highest noise concentrations (purple color). And because Scratch is a collaborative  local community-primarily based coding platform, associates of the neighborhood have applied Noise’O’Meter in their own assignments developing what is known in Scratch lingo as Remixes. You can locate these remixed projects on the suitable hand aspect in the tool’s homepage. 

Classroom Noise 'O'Meter

4. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom administration web page that can help instructors monitor and manage learners behaviour. ClassDojo incorporates an built-in sounds meter for classroom. The meter is composed of  a Sensitivity bar that you can modify to your preference and bouncing columns that fluctuate in accordance to sound stage. 

You need to have to log in to your account to get started applying ClassDojo’s sounds meter. After logged in, click on Toolkit and choose Noise Meter. Set a sounds restrict employing the sensitivity bar, convert on the microphone of your device, and voila! You are all established.

5. As well Noisy

Too Noisy is a sound level meter that you can use in your class to aid with checking and handling the sounds of your pupils. Also Noisy operates on Android, Iphone, iPad, and on-line. Some of the capabilities furnished by this sounds meter application involve: visible backgrounds that alter with switching sounds ranges, alarm counter that can be turned on and off, star rewards to reward students for maintaining their sounds below or inside of the acceptable selection, and extra. 

One more neat attribute available by Much too Noisy is that when learners go around the predetermined noise threshold for more than 3 seconds, “an audible alarm is sounded (this can be turned on and off) and the display of the device appears to shatter! Also, the “Alarm Counter” on the meter is incremented by just one (this can be zeroed at any time with a reset button).”

6. Classroomscreen Sound Degree

Classroomscreen gives this helpful sounds meter to use in your classroom. Audio Degree is a widget you can accessibility from Classroomscreen homepage. It makes it possible for you to use the microphone of your gadget to handle the noise level in your classroom. Use the built-in slider to set  a sounds threshold for your learners. When students surpass the permitted level the bell rings alerting them to hold silent. 

Classroomscreen Sound Level

You can also use the settings of the Seem Stage to adjust microphone sensitivity and, in circumstance you have several mics, find the microphone you would like to link. You can also alter the color concept of the widget by choosing a pre-intended theme from the library or by including your own colour theme.


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