The huge increase of autism in the western communities is a very disturbing health problem. There are no drug treatments that have the power to counter the sensory withdrawal, the mental inattention, and the inner aloneness of children who are diagnosed with autism. There is no drug that can cancel […]

To just Define Global Warming as the protracted increase or decrease of global warming temperature in the earths lower atmosphere was not sufficient for the scientific discipline to distinguish the causes and issues in the global warming temperature shift. Modifications in the planets temperature are induced by natural greenhouses gases, […]

Education is essential for every human being. We cannot survive in this world without education. It is in the best interest of the governments of every nation to ensure that at least basic education is provided to all their citizens. There are several socio-economic reasons that lead many people to […]

In mathematics, you have four primary operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Given that subtraction is the inverse of addition, multiplication is repeated addition, and division is the inverse of multiplication, you see that the other three operations are indirectly derived from addition. In this sense, there is truly one […]

Let us look at some of the main concerns faced by educationists and m-learning advocates and methods by which these issues may be overcome. What if my teachers and staff are not tech savvy? One of the key criteria for any new technological to be successful is that it needs […]