Word searches are a popular type of puzzle in which the player’s goal is to locate a number of words hidden with an array or grid of letters. The challenge comes from the fact the words can be placed at any location in the grid, and be orientated in quite […]

In his book, ‘Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,’ James E. Strickling Jr. presents an analysis of a topic that has been debated by scholars, scientists, and religious leaders for generations – Creation versus Evolution. In his book, he examines both sides and provides an argument that refutes both […]

The term miracle implies a public event or phenomenon caused by something supernatural, like a magical or mythical power. So if you doubt the supernatural, then you are probably sceptical about miracles. Nevertheless you may be astonished and impressed by what is extraordinary and inexplicable in the world. Here are […]

Theory is often regarded a systematic framework formed of concepts that analytically account for phenomena observed. Philosophers for centuries have debated whether the goings on are external to human thoughts and cognition and thus real and material; or whether they are constructs of the mind, logically assembled and maintained by […]