Funny Parent Conference Stories Prove Teachers Can Survive Anything!


We requested you to share your ideal funny father or mother convention stories, and you all sent. Leave it to academics to share the predicaments they survived and how they came out on the other finish! Props for that. The tales have been definitely quickly. We read really a couple of involving puppies, one about a hedgehog, and a person or two uncomfortable relationship scenarios. Seize some espresso and appreciate the examine!


“Halfway by means of the conference, the mom stood up and said she had to adjust her tampon.” —Becky W.

“When a mum informed me she was pretty certain her baby was ‘seeing’ useless bodies and speaking with spirits … that was new floor for me.” —Lea M.

“Does 1 in Zoom rely? ‘Cause the girl was naked …” —Monica R.

Parent conference story about lycra

Guardian meeting or speed dating?

“I had a mom and father that needed me to get in touch with their son around spring crack and inspire him to do far better. I told them that I don’t want their son’s selection, and I never want him to have mine. They questioned me why, and I received to reveal to them that their son asks me out each and every other day. They laughed. A great deal.” —MsDgoteam, Reddit

Parent conference story about dating

When moms and dads make the procedures

“I was instructed by the father of a kindergartner that I couldn’t exhibit Scooby-Doo for the reason that he didn’t consider in ghosts.” —Marika M.

“I was associated in a mum or dad conference exactly where the father or mother introduced her attorney and threatened a legislation suitbecause her 8th quality daughter was not preferred as a member of the high university freshman cheerleading squad.” —Pam H.

“I after experienced a mother or father threaten to have me fired for providing her son a B on an assignment. She stated I was retaining him from becoming an FBI agent when he grew up. He was in 4th quality.” —Darlene R.

“I the moment had a parent of a second grader convey to me that it was my career to ‘fix’ their son.” —Michelle H.

Puppies, hedgehogs, and cookies

“Being available a pet from a mother because her student was ultimately passing lessons.” —@Sankofa2

“I was meeting with a father or mother that spoke mainly in Spanish. My Spanish is weak. I can fully grasp a lot extra than I can communicate. Turns out her English was about at the similar degree as my Spanish. I spoke in English with a little Spanish she spoke Spanish with a tiny English. When we could not get throughout an thought, we reverted to charades or drew points out. By the end, we were being laughing so hard and leaning on each and every other.” —Cat_Yogi, Reddit

“A student’s father listened intently to every little thing I had to say about his kid. Then, he kindly and respectfully requested how his son was producing as a person. ‘Was he type to some others? How could his son develop as a leader? Was he empathetic to other people?’ At the time, it just blew me away.” —graciella11, Reddit

“My learners know I’m obsessed with hedgehogs. On the very last evening of conferences, 1 of my favorite pupils comes in with her mother and experienced this fuzzy bag … mother pulled out a hedgehog, and I shrieked like a boy or girl! I bought to keep him. It was the greatest issue ever. Mom educated me that her baby talks about me all the time and required to do a little something neat for me.” —bridoe, RedditParent conference story about cookies

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Moreover, trainer observation tales that are supporting us to not experience so alone.


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