How Principals Can Make Sure Their Schools Are Well Organized and On Target for Student Success

For principals to make sure their schools are organized and on target for success they should utilize cabinet meetings as one of their positive and important organizational tools. Such cabinet meetings can help guarantee that the school is running in an orderly manner. These meetings also keep the entire staff on the same page. Schools that are well organized can utilize a leadership team for better decision-making. These meetings are an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

Cabinet meetings can be held at both the elementary or secondary level, and the size of the school will determine who attends them. Cabinet meetings are led by the principal and generally include the principal, assistant principal, counselors, department heads, testing staff, dean of students, athletic director (high school) head secretary, and any other staff responsible for supervising learning for student success.

The meeting agenda generally revolves around what is happening inside the building. That focus includes testing schedules, discipline concerns, school activities, parent activities, instructional concerns, athletic activities, committees, school schedules,data etc. All persons in the cabinet may ask for a place on the agenda depending on what is happening in their own departments. The discussions in these cabinet meetings can make sure all activities in the school, both educational and non-educational, are properly organized, undertaken, and have proper supervision.

By scheduling a cabinet meeting weekly, the leadership can keep everyone on the same page, which will help the school run more efficiently and effectively. The principal will be able to keep a sharp eye on the pulse of everything that is occurring in the building and make sure that everyone on staff is doing his or her job. Maintaining a positive climate in the building includes having an organized school where everyone knows what their individual responsibilities are daily and over time. The cabinet meeting is an excellent tool to make that happen.

This approach will begin to change the school climate because the staff will be working together. School leaders will be able to play a leadership role in the school using their particular area of expertise.

The leadership team is the backbone of a school, and every school needs administrative procedures in place to monitor how decisions are made in the building and how to evaluate those decisions. The cabinet meeting can play a major role in making sure positives happen and continue to happen in your school.

Natasha M. McKnight

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