It’s no news that iPods have quite a following and can be literally found everywhere. But, is it right to use it in the classroom? (Educators everywhere sigh collectively and shake their heads in disapproval.) Quite obviously, students lean more (if not entirely) towards allowing iPods in school whilst most […]

A primary duty common to all members of a school district’s learning community is to protect students against failure. Central to this duty is that we do whatever we can as educators to “remove obstacles to learning.” Yet one of these obstacles to learning can be the social barriers some […]

Unique Sensible ALL-IN-ONE formula – no more crowding your medicine cabinet with multiple products – this 1 revolutionary All-In-One Lotion will do it all. Combines innovative natural science with the highest quality natural ingredients so you may feel confident that what you are putting on your skin and is being […]

Classical criminology, and its recent expression in rational choice theory, does not cut slack in terms of excusing, or otherwise mitigating, counterproductive and maladaptive social behaviors. An essential component is the assertion you are responsible and accountable for your actions. No matter how much you blame others, abuse substances, claim […]

We’ve had many students ask us what colleges are the best engineering and computer science schools. Using a weighted average of faculty resources, technology grants, class size, and student ratings, we have developed the following list to help guide students and parents in the admissions process. The list provides a […]