School Recycling Containers Are Perfect to Maintain Cleanliness in Schools

Recycle bins must be placed at various places in schools to promote recycling of waste among students, teachers and other employees. Children in the school can be encouraged to put waste in appropriate bins so that they develop a habit of disposing of waste properly.

Recycling programs in school can be beneficial and a learning experience for students who can contribute to the cleanliness of school and society at large. Recycling wastes from the school is also beneficial as school produce a lot of paper waste. In copier rooms and cafeterias there is a lot of waste material in form of paper, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. The waste paper in schools and the waste material produced in the cafeterias can be recycled utilizing appropriate recycling containers displayed with recycling decals. Here are a few ways in which recycling can be promoted in schools to maintain the cleanliness and help the environment.

o Awareness about recycling: The students in school should be made aware of the benefits of recycling and they should also be encouraged to put the waste materials in the correct recycle bins according to the nature of the waste material.
o Labeling of recycle bins: Recycle bins should be labeled appropriately so that one can identify which waste goes in which container. This can help in maintaining cleanliness in the school. Recycling decals with messages about the importance of recycling can be used to label the bins.
o Placement of the bins: Recycling bins should be placed in places like cafeteria and copier rooms, lobbies, class rooms, labs, playing grounds, parking lots and other suitable places. Multi-compartment bins can be used for easy sorting at source and save time and money. Aluminum can crushers can be used to dispose aluminum cans properly. Special event containers can be placed in parks. Desksider recycler or Mini Waste hanging baskets can be placed near desks. Curbside bins can be used outdoors. Always buy brand name recycling bins from reliable stores for long lasting results.
o Student participation: Student teams can be made in order to spread enthusiasm among students about recycling. These student teams can make banners and give presentations in the school to promote the idea of recycling and also keep a check if proper recycling procedures are being followed in school.

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