Free Technology for Teachers: Why Does the Road Crack?

A single of my favorite points to do these times is to ride bikes with my daughters. At times I even history those rides on Strava because my more mature daughter now wants to retain track of how rapid she can go down a tiny portion of road in our community (present document 10.5mph). When we have been driving earlier this week she complained about the cracks in the pavement in a person portion of our neighborhood and requested, “why does the highway crack?” 

I did my best to answer my daughter’s query of “why does the street crack?” by describing that there is a lot of water in the floor in our space. When that drinking water freezes it expands and pushes up on the pavement which then helps make it crack. She’s 6, so I’m not positive she quite acquired it even when I produced the analogy to a single of our clay yard pots cracking for the same purpose previous winter. 

As I just about constantly do when my daughters request me a query that I haven’t thought about in a prolonged time, I turned to YouTube in lookup of a visible explanation of why streets crack in the winter. After a minimal seeking I discovered this online video from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Bounce to the 1:14 mark in the video clip to see an aged visual of what comes about when damp soil freezes. 

This matter is a fantastic one particular for an animated clarification. College student can use some basic animation equipment to produce an explanation of what comes about when water and or soil freezes and pushes up in opposition to a fixed or rigid object. Register for my new Animated Explanations program to master how to develop and use animated explanations in your classroom.

Natasha M. McKnight

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