The Canadian Government Forcing the Relocation of First Nations Persons to Expand Canadian Territory – Learn Something Interesting

All through the 1950’s, the Canadian government despatched a ship into Nunavik, Canada and forcibly confined 87 Inuit inhabitants relocating these men and women considerably farther north into the territory of Resolute Bay, not for the benefit of the individuals affected as no a person had at any time lived this considerably north in Canada prior, with the sole objective remaining for the Canadian federal federal government to justify Canada’s sovereignty and territorial declare in just the Higher Arctic. The Canadian authorities considered that if gravesites of Inuit individuals have been located in this area, it would formally and lawfully solidify the land as Canadian territory. Migration took 3 months by ship and when the Inuit arrived, they were furnished no provisions, forcing them to set up tent shelters in the 1 of the most formidable and domineering landscapes of North The united states. The Canadian governing administration fraudulently assured individuals affected that residing circumstances would be better with an abundance of animals to hunt and fish for in spite of couple wild animals remaining existing. This occasion was referred to as the High Arctic Relocation. The phrase for “Resolute Bay” within the In Inuktitut (pronounced “ee-nook-tee-tut”) language is “Qausuittuq” (pronounced “ko-so-ee-took”) which suggests “Place of Darkness” and/or “Place Where the Sun Does Not Rise”

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