What to do when suffering from information overload

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What causes information overload

Information overload, also known as cognitive overload, occurs when individuals have immense work thrown upon them. Which often causes one to make silly mistakes or have poor judgment due to how overwhelmed they may feel from the information overload. It can also begin to affect your mental and physical well-being negatively. 

Signs of information overload  

It is crucial to identify when you start to suffer from cognitive overload, as it may potentially affect your mental and physical health. High blood pressure, decrease in mood, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, tiredness, easily distracted are just a few signs that you may be suffering from information overload. Therefore when experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be best to take a break and allow yourself to breathe. 

How to prevent information overload

While no one can prevent information overload, you can learn to manage it better. For example, change how you view your information; instead of reading data from your phone, print it out on a piece of paper, view it in another form. In addition, remember that you do not have to undertake every task assigned to you. Instead, pass on some of the tasks given to you to other teammates, therefore lowering the pressure you might feel.  Moreover, learn to implement breaks where you either turn your laptop off or put your phone on silent; this helps reset your mind.

Additionally, learning to prioritize your tasks will help you control your schedule. Prioritizing also includes saying no. Lastly, emotions often dictate how you view your job. If you have negative feelings associated with it, it may cause a higher chance of information overload. Therefore try having a positive mindset towards your work or any tasks.   

How does social media cause information overload?

Social media has become a key component in many people’s lives. It is often the first thing individuals look at in the morning. While this may not seem to be such a bad thing, it can usually set the tone for how your day may unfold. For example, if you were to open your phone and go onto Instagram, the first thing you might see is a sad video of an animal that has become a victim of abuse or a news article reporting on the latest robbery. While knowing what is happening in the world can be beneficial, monetizing how much information you absorb can be essential when ensuring your mental well-being is being cared for. By checking on your phone, first thing in the morning, you have not allowed your mind to fully wake up before bombarding it with graphic images and horrifying headlines. Therefore you are already suffering from information overload before your day has even begun.

It is vital to set boundaries and limitations when doing any work. As often when one feels overwhelmed or suffers from information overload, it can lead to silly mistakes, becoming demotivated, and suffering from anxiety. It is also imperative to try not to go on your phone first thing in the morning, as this time is essential in allowing yourself to wake up and mentally prepare for the day.