5 Good Apps for Writing Math Equations


Producing math expressions such as equations and formulas applying normal keyboard has generally been a advanced undertaking that generally requires coding information. Nevertheless, apps and tools these kinds of as the ones beneath have produced the job way a lot easier. The purpose of this post is to share with you this collection of apps and tools that enable you to generate and edit math equations and chemical formulas.  Some of these resources are also integrated with Google Docs Microsoft Workplace making it possible for you variety your math equations into your paperwork and shows

1. Math Equatio

Write math equations

Equatio makes it possible for you to sort or handwrite equations, formulation and quizzes. Some of the intriguing functions it offers contain: compatibility with Google Generate tools (e.g., Docs, Sheets, Slides, Kinds, and Drawings), handwriting recognition, text-to-speech characteristic making it possible for you to listen to your math equations out loud, chemistry formula prediction, the ability to produce interactive electronic quizzes, and many a lot more.

2. MathType

MathType permits you to produce math equations and chemical formulas in your paperwork and presentations. Only handwrite your math equations and MathType converts them into digital versions that can be right inserted into documents and presentations. MathType is also a math editor that presents various options together with the capability to build various mathematical equations and formulation, obtain higher quality visuals of your math equations, quickly handwrite your equations and change them into digital equation, write chemical formulas applying chemistry toolbar,  and extra.

3. MathMagic Lite (Android)

MathMagic Lite is a great application for creating equations. It permits you to “enter mathematical components, math expressions, and various scientific symbols quickly and then use them in your term processors, displays, internet contents, technological publications, and extra. MathMagic is…[a good] alternative for composing equations and symbols for Arithmetic, Physics, Science and Chemistry”.

4. Math Whiteboard

Math Whiteboard, as its name indicates, is a whiteboard that presents a collaborative space in which end users can publish math equations. It embeds a huge wide range of equipment that empower end users to conduct complicated calculations and sketch or handwrite math equations. End users can also use Math Whiteboard to import PDFs and annotate them correct in the whiteboard. 

The collaborative characteristics in Math Whiteboard will allow you to share your whiteboard with college students and do the job on the same workspace. You can make your own whiteboards to share with your collaborators. If you have a classroom site or internet site, you can use the produced hyperlink to embed your math whiteboard in them.

5. OneNote’s Math Assistant

Write math equations

Math Assistant allows OneNote users to handwrite their math equations on any touchscreen-powered laptop or tablet or use a keyboard to sort them out. This function is only readily available for Microsoft 365 subscribers.


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