Advertise Free – Classified Ads That Earn Extra

If you’ve got something to sell then don’t just put the ad in the first publication that you find. Instead look around because there are plenty of places where you can advertise free. Classified ads don’t need to be paid for these days. You may still have to consider how much information you’re allowed to give. This is generally limited by the amount of words or characters the ad is allowed to contain, but there’s no need to pay more for placing the actual ad than you need to.

A simple bit of research will find you plenty of places where you can advertise free. Classified sections in many newspapers may still charge you to place an ad, but there are also many advertising publications which either get their revenue from selling sales space, or alternatively from up-selling to professional businesses that do pay to have their services/products listed in bigger print or within boxes etc. They want to attract more attention to themselves and so are willing to pay a substantial fee in order to get a great placing of an ad designed to attract attention. This means that people just trying to get an income from selling off some of their no longer required clutter, like you, can do so free of charge.

There are many places online that will allow you advertise free. Classified ads online are a popular way of selling off unwanted stuff. You can either look for the kind of classified ad site that is geographically orientated so that you know you will be selling the item locally – which is great if you are selling something like furniture that you would prefer people to come and pick up. If your item is small enough to package up and mail anywhere, then you could choose the kind of online ad site that is either national – or even international! However before stating in your ad that you’ll mail anywhere in world you might like to check the international mailing laws if you are selling anything that could create a customs issue!

You can save money if you choose a publication or website that allows you to advertise free. Classified ads that you don’t have to pay for don’t incur the additional overhead that you need to cover before you see any profit from selling your item. This in turn means that you can afford to accept a slightly lower price for the item because you don’t need to earn as much from it in order to see a profit. Consequently you’ll attract a greater number of buyers because they’ll see the price you’re offering the item for and know that they’re getting a good deal. It’s one of those win-win situations.

So don’t make a decision to just sell your “junk” in the first classified ads section you see. Remember that if you advertise free, classified ads can make you more money.

Natasha M. McKnight

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