An Elite Counter Insurgency School in India at Viarangate in Nagaland

The Army counterinsurgency school in Mizoram has built up a tremendous reputation and foreign armies make use of Indian expertise in this field. It is located in Mizoram and can only be accessed by road

An Elite Warfare School

The Indian army maintains one of the most important schools in the world. This is the school of Jungle warfare and Counter Insurgency at Vairnagte in Nagaland. The school is at a motorable distance from the Air Force base at Kumbhirgram. The Army imparts training in counter insurgency warfare at this school. It will be of interest to readers that men of the US Special forces have trained here.

The school situated in a mountainous region simulates the counter insurgency scenario. The Indian army has been fighting counter insurgency for the last 55 years when AZ Phizo raised the revolt in Nagaland.

Recently the army soldiers from Indonesia concluded a week long exercise (Code named Exercise Garud Shakti) with units of the Indian army. The army also conducted a 3 day outdoor validation exercise in the mountains as well as long distance range and gun firing at the school. The last part was a gruelling night march through the jungle as part of stealth operations.

Such operations and joint exercises are conducted regularly for foreign troops who come here. In the recent past soldiers of the Polish, Israeli and Bangladesh armies have trained at this school. Cooperation with the US army is an ongoing affair.

CIJWS Vairnagte has over 13 different types of firing ranges catering to every conceivable indoor and outdoor scenario, ranging from urban, semi-urban to rural settings.

Bringing in realism in training, infantry weapons effect simulation system and small arms training simulators are also extensively used. The landscape and the inimitable replicated settings here in CIJW make it the most preferred destination to train for several armies of the world.

The Indian Army has had a successful and eventful operation in counter Insurgency, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world. The Kashmir, Mizoram, Nagaland and Bodo extremists have realized the worth of the Indian army and it’s but natural that foreign armies will like to take advantage of the Indian expertise in this field.

The school is doing greart service for the Indian army and also for many foreign soldiers who train there. The school simulates the exact mountainous enviornmnet generally associaed with counter insurgency operations like Afghanistan

Natasha M. McKnight

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