An Indian Astrology Compatibility Chart

How come there is such a practice as Indian astrology? How can this be any different from the more popular Western astrology? What is this Indian astrology compatibility chart? What does it do exactly? How do you use this chart to bring luck to your life? Did this chart or did Indian astrology originate from India?

If so, then it should have been called Hindu astrology after the people of India who are anyway certified practitioners of this ancient art. You guessed it right. Indian astrology in formal terms is called Hindu astrology; and in its native tongue it’s called Jyotisha, which various website references define as a form of Hindu astronomy.

It is not however the astronomy or the science of astronomy that the Western world knows. Whilst astronomy is a branch of science that employs scientific processes and studies in a scientific manner the planets, stars, other heavenly bodies, galaxies, and the universe in totality Jyotisha uses the stars, the moon, and the planets in bringing good fortune to those who seek it, good luck to those who are about to get married or who are about to make a life-changing decision, and a good life to those who use it as a guide in everyday life.

It is this ancient astrology that gave birth to the Indian astrology compatibility chart. People use this chart in the hope of finding solutions to their romantic and friendship compatibility problems. You might not be aware of this but this chart is used to read people’s personalities and who their most compatible zodiac sign is both in the romantic love and friendship departments. It is this chart that Hindus consult prior to actual romantic dates, before asking a girlfriend’s hand in marriage, or before setting the date of their marriage.

A lot of Westerners have availed of the services and predictions of the Indian astrology compatibility chart, too. Many have been benefitted with the readings and the guide that the chart presents to a person who uses it. Today, majority of the chart’s users have found love and happiness in their married lives and they are all attributing this to regular use of the chart.

This is beside the happiness and loyal companionship that they have found with their best friends. Chart users are saying that because of this compatibility chart they were able to establish genuine friendships with the people whom they now call as friends.

They are grateful that they consulted an Indian astrology compatibility chart before they made major decisions in their lives such as the day they asked their wives to a romantic date or the day they found their best friends. They don’t regret using the chart to guide their lives and their hoping you would give it a chance, too.

Natasha M. McKnight

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