Celestron C8 Series For almost half a century, Celestron has made some of the highest quality and most design innovative telescopes to which the world has seen through. Not only are they sophisticated and technically advanced, their appearance is sleek and stylish, fitting into your interior decor, just as comfortable […]

An exoplanet is a planet that is the offspring of a distant star, and resides outside our own Solar System. Some of these alien worlds resemble the planets inhabiting our Sun’s family, while others are so different that they are true “oddballs”–unlike anything astronomers have every observed in our Solar […]

With the increasing progress in technology, hindrances such as time and distance are a thing of the past. Commercial transactions are conducted regardless of where the sun shines. As man sleeps, the computer continues to run with minimal intervention. Opportunities to indulge in further academic excellence are offered via distance […]