Truly, few things are as amazing as seeing the stars and planets with your own eyes. Any company making a telescope brand knows this which is why they continue to make high quality, expensive units that sell well. Even if you aren’t an amateur astronomer, you might still consider getting […]

Although increasing advanced astronomy methods have yet to accurately determine the time and manner of the universe’s creation, observation of galaxies many billions of years old has enabled cosmologists to deconstruct the process, whose catalyst, designated the “Big Bang Theory,” occurred approximately 15 billion years ago. The origin, not necessarily […]

There is a small village or you might say a crossroads in southwestern Florida called Nocatee. It is not to be confused with the newly built master-planned community of the same name in northeast Florida. The original Nocatee is located in DeSoto County in southwest Florida. It is a Seminole […]

A neutron star is the lingering leftovers of a massive star that has ended its nuclear-fusing “life” in the brilliant and fatal fireworks of a supernova explosion. These extremely dense city-sized objects are actually the collapsed cores of dead stars which, before their violent “deaths”, weighed-in at between 10 to […]