Math Games to Make Your Kids Love Mathematics

You might have remembered the day when you have received a hard yelling from your math teacher for not finishing the math homework. If not, then there might be many other people who would have remembered the same day in their life. Like those days, today also there are many kids who are afraid of the Mathematics.

This is unfortunate that even many kids today are unable to understand the right concept of the mathematics. There are kids who are very good in other subjects, but somehow frightened with mathematics. This subject has always said to be the toughest subject to learn at schools and there is a psychological panic in kids for mathematics.

There is no doubt that mathematics is tough to learn, but with the right approach and proper guidance, it can be learned easily. Many children’s who are good at learning the other subjects are unable to learn the mathematics. This is most important for the parents and teachers to help children’s learning mathematics beyond the school textbooks.

Mathematics is the subject that kids can easily learn by practicing it more. First, they need a good teacher to help them learning the basic concepts of this subject and second they need better motivation. Mathematics games are something that can help many children to develop their mathematical skills through fun and play. These games are designed with a logical problem solving approach that creates child’s interest in learning this subject and helps them to get their fear out of this subject.

Here are some of the math games for kids:

Largest to smallest

Some paper chits should be distributed to a group of kid’s.

Now a person asks every kid to write down the number of their choice in their respective chit.

Now, the person collects all the chits from all the kids

Afterwards, the person calls every kid, one by one in the front and ask them to tell what number they have written in their chit.

After every kid had told their numbers, then the person ask any one kid to arrange all the numbers from the largest to the smallest. The kid who would be able to do that correctly in the minimum time will be declared as winner.

Learning (This game helps kids in learning the largest to smallest numbers)

Math Card Game:

This is yet another good mathematical game for kids:

Here, one has to write down the simple mathematical problems in some cards like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Now, in the second set of cards, one has to write down the actual answers to these problems

Now, one should distribute the cards to all the kids and make sure that every kid will get all the cards with the problems.

Now, place the other set of the cards that contains answers over the table in a random order.

Now, loudly say the problem and randomly pick a kid and call him in the front and ask him/her to pick up a card which he/she think would be the probable answer for the problem.

For e.g. teacher calls problem#1 (2+6) and call one kid to answer this problem, If a kid pick 8 which is the right answer, then he/she will be given a gift, or if the kid pick the wrong answer then the teacher would open the correct answer.

Pick the Largest Number:

A set of 4 dices should be distributed to every kid

Ask every kid to roll the dice once and note down the number of every individual dice after the spin

Then ask the kid to make the highest number of the set of numbers they got after rolling all the dice.

For e.g.: A kid got the number

1st dice: 4
2nd dice: 7
3rd dice: 1
4th dice: 5

Now, ask the kid to make a possible highest number with these numbers. If the kid would be able to make the number 7415 which in this case is the highest possible numeric value, then the following kid will be declared as the winner.

All these math games would definitely help kids in learning the mathematics in an easy way. There would be many more games that parent and teachers could create and help the children to learn mathematics with fun and joy.

Natasha M. McKnight

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