Nature Knows Best

In the midst of a glut of information and with a risk of drowning in a sea of information through the wonders of internet technology we are somewhat dazed at the extent of human intelligence and skills that allow experts to achieve material success in so many areas.

We can respond to this explosion of information by becoming even more dazed to the extent where our own initiatives become paralysed, or we can feel motivated to accomplish what it is that we consider is worthwhile and will bring us personal life satisfaction.

Once we have determined a purpose for our creative efforts we would be best to realise that we should have Nature onside. Nature has the power to create new life. It directed our growth and mended our bodies when hurt. It causes sunrise and sunset and allows us to enjoy all that the earth beauties on offer. It is willing to co-operate with us in our desire to cultivate particular plants and living things. Nature commands that we sleep so it can repair our bodies and our psyche. It orchestrates all our body functions, even the heart- that we do not have to keep beating. There are so many miraculous events that prove to us the power, intelligence and benign aims of Nature that assure us of our continued welfare and well being on this planet.

Sometimes we may question what we see or know of Nature’s acts and processes when we observe a weak creature being overtaken by another for food. We may wonder that there was no better way than to decree that the male penguin endures the terrible months as he sacrifices every comfort for the precious egg warmed at his feet. We are distraught when death overtakes the young.

We each have our own times of chafing against what is inevitable and against what we perceive as unfair or even cruel, but our responses will not alter Nature’s rules and nor would we want that to happen as we depend upon them and must continue to intelligently co-operate and abide by them to the extent that we find possible. For Nature is the ultimate authority.

Nature, with its mysterious powers and purposes remains supreme and performs the miracle that no doctor can explain satisfactorily. A surgeon can take pride in the mechanics he has mastered, but is humbled before nature’s healing of tissue that follows. In this and many other spheres of human experience Nature proves best.

Sometimes we blame Nature when it is really a human cause.

Whatever happens, we inevitably will turn to Nature and try to follow a natural way of life, because Nature truly knows best.

Natasha M. McKnight

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