The Curse of Normality and the Gift of Abnormality Considered

Okay so, what’s the big question; what is normal anyway? We’ve all heard someone say; “he’s not normal?” And normally when this is said about another individual, whether it is a female or male, it’s usually spoken in the derogatory context, but why I ask? Who wants to be normal anyway, normalcy is completely overrated. Of course, if you like being in the herd, or a member of the Borg, or if you like the concept of communism, then go with it – personally I don’t.

Indeed, I don’t believe in the United States of America with all of our freedoms and liberties, and our ability to pursue our own happiness, that there is to be a strict adherence to be normal. Let me put it this way; Steve Jobs, Einstein, Bach, Michaelangelo, Edison, and da Vinci were easily classifiable and categorized as abnormal, abnormal in behavior, psychological make-up etc. That might be a bold statement but it’s certainly correct from all we know.

Therefore, one could say that being normal is actually a curse, and being abnormal is actually a gift. So tell me again why you want to join all the social networks online, and yet at the same time be lost in the crowd? Everyone wants to be different and be an individual, and thought of as an individual, but most folks are unwilling to step outside the norm too far for fear of losing peers support, or respect from their fellow man.

Maslow can attest to that, but then again if you want to be like one of those greats in history, you’re going to have to stop following the Pied Pipers of society, believe in yourself, and choose your own destiny. No, you don’t have too, you can be like everyone else, and get as close as you can to be un-definable; normal. And in your pursuit of being respected by everyone, and being normal with a slight personal flair, one could ask; why do you bother? Why do you care so much what everyone else thinks of you?

If society wants everyone else to be normal, so they can be slightly different, and on the verge or cusp of being abnormal, without actually crossing that fuzzy barrier threshold, then you must realize that there are social consequences for stepping over that border, and attempting to straddle it to get the notoriety, attention, self-gratification, and validation you seek. And really isn’t that a whole lot of effort just to please everyone else, except yourself.

Personally, I think I’d rather be abnormal, and stay away from the Borg, and anyone else that wishes to control my destiny, my future, and my pursuit of happiness. This is my life, I’m going to live it on my terms, and if that bothers anyone else, they can politely go-to-hell. But of course, if you want to follow the norm, and be a nice little sheeple, and live your life for everyone else within their perception of what normal is; go for it. It’s your life, and it’s your choice. Please consider all this and think on it.

Natasha M. McKnight

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