Top 5 Things To Try Out On Your Ski Trip To Norway

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First and foremost, you do not have to continue doing something that is supposed to be enjoyable if you do not enjoy it. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to have a good time skiing! According to the National Ski Areas Association, you’re already better than 83% of people! That’s how many people try skiing for the first time and never return. Trivago can make your first ski trip unforgettable with genuine experiences and tips.

Here are few tips to get your groove on the slopes, whether you’re about to ski for the first time or a seasoned pro who has lost the spark in your relationship with skiing.

  1. Take a Class

It may seem obvious, but taking a lesson is the most important thing you can do if this is your first time skiing. You’ve already paid for the lift ticket, rented or borrowed the equipment, and driven to the mountain—don’t waste your time laying in the snow, unsure of how to even get on a lift, let alone get down! Get proper instructions and tips from people who have experienced it on Norskeanmeldelser. Instructors know how to make sure you have a good time! It’s an essential part of their jobs because if you’re not having fun, they’re not having fun, and everyone on the mountain wants to have fun!

  1. Tubing

Most ski resorts now offer this enjoyable and straightforward activity both during the day and at night. Because no skills are required, this is an ideal outing for everyone. Get on an inflatable rubber tube and ride down. Typically, several runs with varying speeds and thrills are available, as well as a conveyor lift to get up the hill.

  1. Dog-sledging

Dog-sledging excursions are available at many ski resorts and can range from a quick loop around a frozen lake to a half-day trek through wooded trails. The sledging is thrilling, but the opportunity to get up close and personal with these incredible sledge dogs, who can’t wait to get going and run, is even more so. When it’s your turn to steer the sledge and mush, the most important thing you’ll have to do is put brakes on the dogs.

  1. Ski biking

On vacation, it’s fun to try something new, especially with older children and teenagers who are looking for more thrills. Ski biking (also known as snow biking) is a fun and surprisingly simple way to enjoy the slopes at many ski resorts, including Colorado’s Keystone and Vail.

Because stability and control are more accessible than downhill skiing, ski biking is more accessible than it appears. The rider’s boots are connected to two short skis placed side by side to control speed. Meanwhile, the bike has a front and rear ski, and steering is accomplished through weight shifting.

  1. Ice climbing

Ice climbing, similar to rock climbing but involves scaling a frozen waterfall or other ice faces rather than a wall, is now available at some resorts. Climbers are safe because they wear a mountaineering harness connected to a rope controlled by a spotter. Introduction to ice climbing classes and half-day and full-day climbs for various skill levels are usually available. Children from five years old can participate.

Finally, play your favourite dance music! While you’re at it, listen to your new playlist on the way up the mountain to help you associate the songs with good times. Alternatively, if that’s too embarrassing, keep your songs to yourself as a bit of secret that you can boogie to while leaving everyone guessing.  Skiing is similar to dancing in that you twist your hips and bend your knees! At your next dance party, try practising your ski technique. By the end of the night, everyone will have done it!

Natasha M. McKnight

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