Students can relish inexpensive food choices in Finland

Finland's cheapest school meal costs just 64 cents per day | Yle Uutiset |

The expensiveness of food items and cuisines contributed to the success of small businesses, which gained the focus of Finnish people and particularly students. The monetary budget of students doesn’t allow them to spend money on luxurious food items on a daily basis. Matsmart offers food items like cake, biscuits, and bread at reasonable rates while obeying the health standards. The sustainability and reduction of food waste are two major promises by Matsmart which distinguish it from other food businesses. 

The internet and knowledge regarding reading reviews before spending money on anything made the Suomiarvostelut a reliable and famous review website among Finns. It allows students to spend their limited food budget wisely by presenting criticism and inspections of genuine consumers.

Famous food among students

The restaurant industry in Finland is expanding at a greater pace and the rise in competition is compelling food businesses to target new groups. The student group is unquestionably the association which new restaurants are keeping in focus to gain popularity and good reputation among them. Restaurants offer cost-effective food to students by presenting their daily deals and special discount and astonishing food offers to retain them for a longer period. 

Tuna pasta, potato food items, eggs, salmon soups, rice pies, and fish pie are famous cost-effective foods that students prefer to buy. However, the food preference of students is not restricted to these items because different restaurants offer student lunches and add shuffle food based on the distribution of days.

Lunch boxes for students

Various food chains sell student lunch boxes and charge less money as compared to regular customers, not from the student group. Some restaurants allow students customization options for lunchboxes (which means they can add food of their choice from the menu of the restaurant) while others follow the traditional approach which entails potatoes, noodles. rice, bread, juice, milk, water, salad along with the main dish. This approach allows students to choose liquid drinks (water, milk, and juice) and from other available options while a full customized lunch box contains whatever students like to add from the food list of the restaurant.

Thursday special

Finnish students like to have hernekeitto on Thursdays and combine it with pancakes covered with jam as desserts. Hernekeitto is an indispensable component of the food culture of Finns, it is the chunky split soup of pea prepared with pork. It is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Accompanied by a delightful pannukakku – pancake (oven-baked) followed by a large cupful of berry jam. This Thursday’s special food holds a unique place in the hearts of every Finn. The love for this food cannot be removed or shifted to some other food because it is also regarded as the national food of Finland. 


Food items are quite expensive in Finland to buy, however, people who earn stable income can manage the food expenses but students suffer to maintain the food budget along with their other requirements. For this determination, restaurants and food stores introduced lunch boxes for students and cost-effective ready-made food items to ease and facilitate students.

Natasha M. McKnight

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