Who Advertises On Satellite Radio?

The clock reads 3:00AM as Jason puts the last stamps on the tiny boxes of pet food samples he is sending out to potential new buyers of is organic dog food. He’s exhausted, yet a feeling of excitement has him wired as he stumbles to a puffy down comforter and collapses.

He knows he needs rest, yet the thought of where his business is heading keeps his mind racing.

Jason is a small business owner who manufactures a boutique dog food line out of his home town in Missouri. It’s a blend that he has fed to his own race dogs for years, and how as put it on the market for national consumption.

Being a small business owner, Jason did not have a massive budget for marketing and getting the word out about his dog food. He knew that if the brand was going to grow it would need to reach a national audience. That is why he chose to advertise on satellite radio.

Jason had listened to various pet related shows on satellite radio for years before he ventured into business for himself. He had no idea what the costs would be to advertise on such shows. When he contacted a satellite radio advertising company he was presently surprised to learn that on some shows the airing of a commercial was as low as $60.

Once he had an affordable air plan in place, Jason wanted to make an offer in his commercial that the listeners couldn’t refuse, so we offered “free dog food”. A free sample of his dog food to anyone who called or visited his website. Not knowing what the demand would be he allotted some extra time on the weekends to put the orders together. Jason was blown away when in the first week of the commercial airing he had a list of more than 300 people who wanted to try the product.

Will all of them be repeat customers? probably not, but a good percentage will likely be. Especially if Jason follows up and delivers the customer service he is proud to stand for and helps educate every new customer on the benefits of the product he is sending out.

Jason is a perfect example of the small or medium-sized business owner who is working on a limited budget yet needs to reach a national audience with a product or service. These are the type of businesses that satellite radio advertising can be perfect for when matched to the correct show while presenting a “can’t refuse” offer to the consumer.

Natasha M. McKnight

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