How to Advertise Your Business/Article Submission

Running a business takes some hard work. If you are really passionate and willing to work hard you will find success. One important way to meet your goal is to learn how to market the business you are in. You may not see the traffic that you want so you want to learn how to advertise your business with article submission. This is not new. Everyone that browses the Internet will come across some sort of advertisement. Sure, another way is to use newspapers, but you know, how many people do you see that reads an actual newspaper these days? Everyone is using the Internet. I will explain on how to use article marketing to advance your business.

So how does this work? Lets say you have a website thats been around for a few months called John Doe’s Bait Shop and your not getting much traffic at all. You know why? Their not specifically looking for it. Who is John Doe? Who really cares? You know what I mean? So you need to push traffic to the website by writing and submitting articles. By submitting articles to well known article directories, your article already will be ranked in the search engines like Google,Yahoo, and Bing. This is a form of Search Engine Optimization.

To be ranked higher in the search engines you need to find good keywords. A keyword is a popular word or phrase that people are searching for. Also content is very important.

What the search engines look for are:

  • Popularity- How many sites are linking to your articles URL. Are those sites popular?
  • Linked Site Content- The websites linking to your article. Are they related to your content?
  • Anti-Spam- The keyword density cannot be high. The search engines will label you as SPAM. The density should be around 2-3%.

Listen, the title of your article must contain your keywords. How would anyone find your article if you don’t use them. Your keywords should also be in the resource box of the article. This is where you do your linking to the website you have. After you submit the article you may want to do some bookmarking by going to some social networks like,, and others. This is a great way to have some backlinks to your articles.

Proper marketing is very important if you want to succeed promoting whatever you have.
Article marketing have several purposes:

  • Actual sales of products
  • Promotion/advertising: Customers can be drawn in when they see what they were searching for.
  • Customer service: The site may contain content for those seeking additional help.
  • Market research: You can find data all over the web but not all of it can be the best. This is where research comes in.

If your running any type of business you will need to learn how to advertise your business with article submission. Remember to have your keywords in your title. This will help the search engines rank it higher and so people can find them. Search engines also look to see how many sites within your website are linking to the articles URL. Make sure your content relates to the web page. Don’t Spam the article by having so many keywords in there. I hope this article gives you some thought on marketing your website.

Natasha M. McKnight

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