Natural Cures For Multiple Sclerosis

Traditionally – multiple sclerosis (MS) has been (and still is) treated with medicines prescribed by the doctor (the conventional thinker [science shows us these medicines work (?) so I am obliged to recommend them approach]), such as: antibody treatments, steroids, beta interferon, and synthetic myelin proteins, etc. to help contain the number of attacks that a sufferer may experience.

However, along with many of these modern-day medicines comes a rather nasty array of unwanted, and potentially dangerous side-effects to help sufferers feel worse than before they were prescribed. Therefore, prescriptions are only given when they are deemed to be really necessary and in the best interests of the patient. For this reason, many sufferers actually tend to feel that the illness may be better off left untreated.

Alternative options available to many multiple sclerosis sufferers:

1. Diet – is one of the options that has shown some success in the treatment of multiple sclerosis; although, a certain degree of skepticism still lingers around such claims (mainly for part of the non-believers [doctors, scientists, big pharmaceutical companies, and lovers of science, etc.]). Although, a healthy recommended diet may include: gluten-free, low-fat (linolenic acid unsaturated fat is allowed), sucrose-free, plenty of vitamins – B12, C, and D, etc.

Other dietary supplements may include:

(a) Omega 3 fatty acids in capsule form, or by fish consumption (anti-oxidant properties help prevent further damage to both the brain tissues and cells).

(b) Flaxseed (Linseed oil) – is also high in omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is also abundant in lignans (a chemical compound found in plants that acts as an anti-oxidant) that help in the development of brain cells by helping them to stay strong and healthy.

(c) Oats (Avena) – are high in calcium which not only helps the nervous system stay strong and healthy, but also helps the nerves and muscles to relax.

(d) Beetroot – is believed to have a high folic acid content and anti-oxidant properties that help to regenerate body cells.

2. Exercise and Yoga – have both been commented on by multiple sclerosis sufferers as being beneficial to them when practiced regularly (results usually show within the first six-month period); especially yoga, where 50% of sufferers have reported a noticeable difference to their wellbeing over those who have not practiced either activity (less tiredness, more energy, and a certain new strength have led sufferers to experience a better quality of life).

3. Herbal Remedies – can help to cut down the progression of multiple sclerosis, although they should only be taken when recommended by a qualified practitioner. Many herbs like previous mentioned dietary supplements contain potent anti-oxidants that act to fight off disease and help to protect the body’s cells from being damaged from free radicals (organic molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage, and causing disease) that are beneficial for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

4. Temperature Control – can play an important part in the therapy of a multiple sclerosis sufferer. This is due to a certain lack of tolerance for heat; although, the sun is actually a good medicine, as it helps the skin produce vitally important vitamin D that helps both maintain bone density and reduce the risks of osteoporosis (a bone debilitating disease). The following recommendations may be followed:

(a) When at home, use the air conditioning (overhead or portable fans if not an option) to maintain a constant temperature in each room.

(b) Bath or shower under cool water opposed to very hot water. Even consider spraying water on the body if and when the body’s temperature begins to rise.

(b) When in the street, use layered clothing that can easily be removed so as to maintain an acceptable body temperature. Try not to go out when the sun is burning (so as not to raise body heat), although taking some mild sun is healthy.

These are just some of the many alternative options that are available to multiple sclerosis sufferers (for those who may prefer not to treat their illness with significantly damaging modern-day medicines) which may offer a better option than harmful modern-day medicines.

Natasha M. McKnight

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